Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas Relays

I have been enjoying my off-season. Last Sunday at the Christmas Relays I attended for the sole purpose of socializing and eating after not running all week. Ah it's such a fun event to hang out in. It's a run around Lake Merced, 4 runners each running a loop and the loop is just over 4 miles long. My triathlon club attends every year, fielding a lot of runners. We generally have a great time and not take it too seriously but there are a lot of serious runners out there. Actually not just serious runners but serious teams, the event is part of the PAUSATF (Pacific Association USA Track and Field) - something I only learned about this year when I joined the Tamalpa Runners. I had to get myself a PAUSATF membership so I could score points for the club at PAUSATF ultra events. Anyway, it was very cool to see all these fast runners sporting the names of this track club or this running team. Tamalpa was out in force but I didn't really know who they were. The only people I'm familiar with are the ones who run ultras and even then I don't know all of them. Speaking of which I did see many ultra folk out there.

This Saturday is PCTR's Rodeo Beach race. I had planned on showing up to volunteer and enjoy some of the same socializing and eating I pulled off at the Christmas Relays. That is still going to happen but I am now also scheduled to sweep the 20k race. How did that happen? Brett and Larissa happened. Those two trailzilla's are coming too and LP is sweeping the 20k course and wanted company. It's okay, I've run three times since Northface and all those runs this past week. In fact I have a 6-mile route that I run frequently and I posted my fastest time on it this year yesterday. Also we have a storm rolling in tonight and it's supposed to last the entire weekend into Monday. I'm excited that those trails will be wet for a day and half before the race and the fact that by the time we sweep runners have mucked up the course even further. It's gonna be a fun time I think and I'm bringing my lightweight but toothy Adizero XT's. Fun, fun, fun. I'm gonna bomb a few downhills and let LP pull down the ribbons herself, shhhh.

Lastly I entered Running and Rambling's MT101 giveaway. Donald is an old blog friend who is really a more than decent triathlete and ultra-marathoner. I got the pleasure of pacing him at Headlands Hundred in 08. He reviews a lot and I mean a lot of gear and he's a great writer. By leaving a comment and linking to his blog I get two chances of winning a pair of MT101's. I'm also wondering if flattery gets me a third chance? Did I mention he's a really great triathlete, ultra-marathoner and writer? Actually those of you who also know Donald, I'm looking at you Olga, know it's not an exaggeration.

Daphne showing off her holiday themed boxers and socks.

Oh yeah Ed, show them elf legs. Wait is that a garter?

The ones actually racing.

Tamalpa ladies on the right.

Our very own reindeer, Rachel.

With coach Lori. I owe her for my one and only Ironman finish and I've never forgotten it.

Coach Lori finishing her loop, big, big smile.

Dogs were welcome, this is Huck the Pup although he is not really a pup anymore.

Also welcome were children, especially the ones with Oreo fudge cookie mustaches.

Throwing in another picture of pretty ladies, sisters Hannah and Janet. We just got Janet back after two years of graduate school in Chicago. Welcome home Janet.

Relay team shots.

And finally the big club shots.



  1. Donald is all that for sure! He is also a great father, a christian, a funny man who is very shy when meets obnoxious Russians head on, and he does write a crap load of reviews! I mean, it's his business now and all, but I always wait for his posts on things like Zion long run with friends, or local bike ride with his kids...:))
    Enjoy the holiday season, you! I envy you! I need to move me to CA so I can run short trail races while looking for speed that's been long lost! At least track has been paying its dividents slowly...although I am still a distance runner - I put in a mile repeat faster than 800m pace, by quite a lot. How in the world??

  2. Ditto what Olga said about Donald. Also, I don't think he likes flattery, actually. I think he prefers to be teased and given a really hard time. I'm just sayin', maybe you should give that a try. ;)

    Sounds like your "off-season" includes some hardcore running. Hey! That's not rest! I guess that's what happens though when you live in a community of such bad-ass runners.

    Olga - You do need to move to Cali!! :)

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  4. I have only ever met Donald on line but he seems like a great guy...hang on ditto you and Gretchen!

    I did meet Olga at 'the Hood though!

    I posted the Kinvara review if you were interested but I think you may have our already

  5. Luv the relay pics...looks like a lot of fun. Hope you had a nice Christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year...can't wait to see what adventures you find yourself in for 2011. See you then! Ann