Friday, October 29, 2010

Javelina Jundred 2010

Well folks, it was another successful outing at the Javelina Jundred. My third consecutive appearance at this event. Tony did great. He has continued to progress as a runner - stronger, faster. I run with him only once or twice a year and I really notice the difference. All his hard work is paying off.

It all went like clockwork and Tony notched another course PR, bettering last year's 23:42:11 with a 22:57:27. Oh he was hauling like a mad man to go under 23 hours. The last 4.7 miles, the distance between the last aid station to the finish was probably his fastest miles of the race.

If you want more deets you can read my crewing and pacing report here which was posted on Tony's site. Enjoy the pictures.

Hanging out with Tony and the other runners during registration Friday afternoon.

Steve formerly of the bay area now Seattle, Jasmine of Colorado and Lynne of New York at registration Friday afternoon.

One of the unique handmade category awards.

Fellow Tamalpan Bradley Fenner meeting Tony Portera Saturday morning. Bradley would have a great race with a 19:35:07 and 6th overall.

Fellow Tamalpan Erika Lindland with early leader, Josh Brimhall, in the background. Erika was crewing for Bradley Fenner. She was supposed to pace as well but couldn't because of an injury. I don't know what was more incredible, that she couldn't find someone for the last 40 miles or that she found three separate people for the remaining three loops.

Jenn Shelton.

Jamie Donaldson.

Luis Velasquez and Janet Thomson.

Looking hawt PJ! PJ is a local who the first loops with Tony, just as they did on their first Javelina back in 08.

Another local, Rachel Spatz on her first Javelina.

SoCal Coyotes head honcho, Jimmy Dean Freeman. Spectating is a tough job!

Beautiful sunset before some awesome night running under a full moon.

Finally meeting Tess Geddes! We come from the same region in the Philippines, speak the same language. Not as common as you think with 7,100 islands and 77 dialects.

Sugar and alcohol, my stomach has met it's match.

One of these of these days.

For the photoset, click here


  1. Awesome. I had planned to do it this year I'd I hadn't gotten injured. May try a 50 for my first ultra. Was thinking about you all. Had so much fun in 08 pacing Bob & meeting you & the rest of the gang!

  2. Thanks for all the great photos -- it looks like you and everyone else had a blast. Congrats on helping Tony to another PR!

  3. Hey Rick. Love all the photos. Great job with Tony again. Peace EricG

  4. So much fun! This one is high on my list.

  5. Happy, happy birthday! Sent you a text, but not sure on the cell number - still same? I bet you got one of those i-toys:) Anywho, congrats, buddy! Are you hitting masters any time soon, or still have a year or two? It's brutal out here, above 40!

  6. Hi Rick,
    You definitely deserve a "volunteer of the decade" award for all of your help and services to other runners. It was nice to see you at Diablo (of course, helping another runner AGAIN to a successful first ultra distance). I was kicking myself for not thinking to take a photo of you two at/near the top--sorry. Speaking of photos, NICE photos and recap of Javelina. What a treat to have a full moon! Hope to see you again soon. All the best, Ann