Friday, October 22, 2010

Back in Javelina Jundred!

My third consecutive year in Arizona for Javelina, crewing and pacing Tony again just like in the first two. This is a great race and I like being here. I may change my mind once I actually run it one of these years however:) I jump in at mile 60 and I'm looking forward to more night running by the full moon with the lights off. It is an even bigger crowd than last year, 300 registered entrants, the most for this event. My first year it was only 150 or so. The race has grown but so has the quality. The Coury brothers go all out and I'm sure it's going to be another great event,

Well just a quick holler before turning in. Tony is already asleep, good job runner!

Just two of the funky cool special handmade awards.


  1. Have fun! There's a huge PNW contingent running so I'll be watching the webcast. I'm seriously considering this for next year.

  2. Cool...look forward to hearing about it...Rick...we need to catch up...

  3. Those awards are beautiful. I saw the one Catra one. Very cool.
    Missed you in SF!

  4. Rick!! I totally saw you out there in the middle of the night and was going to yell hi, but I did not see this post before I went and it was like 2 am, so I wasn't confident in my identification abilities. I was pacing a friend for her 5th loop. Had a great time! You guys looked strong!

  5. Dave: Call you this week. Saw your friend Brenda but don't know how she finished. She looked strong though, just like in Umstead.

    JLynn: Yeah what a bummer it was that Javelina and SF1D was both on the same weekend this year. I like volunteering for that race. From what I hear though, I missed a very wet and windy weekend.

    Jessica: I hear you, it's tough at night when it's so hard to see. I purposely don't use my headlamps so friends can see me better. Thanks, Tony ran a good race.

  6. Congrats on helping Tony to an excellent result and a faster finishing time than last year! We missed you out in Crissy Field in all that rain and wind -- believe it or not, it was actually a lot of fun. (But I would have preferred chilly and sunshiny conditions instead.)