Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Volunteering at the Rodeo Beach 50k

Man that was a cold one, brrr... I should have had more layers. When I left my house Saturday morning it was still dark, cool but not cold and not at all windy so I thought I was okay. We get to Rodeo beach and it was windy and many degrees colder. It was so windy that one of the tents broke. Sandbags held the supports in place but one of them buckled and bent so we it took it down as well as the other smaller tent over timing. Thankfully it wasn't raining or else it would have been a big mess. As it was we had to leave most of the food in bags at the finish aid station because the plates and bowls would have been blown off the table. Speaking with some of the runners I heard they got hit by the wind on the first climb. Nice, nothing like fighting a headwind as you're going up a hill. Thankfully as it got closer to noon the winds lessened and the sunshine felt very good.

Many friends were running and I was glad for the opportunity to see them one more time before 2009 is in the books. Because of trail work, the course had to be modified and according to Sarah, an easier route than the original. Nathan Yanko had an amazing performance - 3:43:51. Phenomenal time on a hilly course, wind and all. I had to leave early but I was fortunate to have seen him cruise in for the win and a new 50k PR as we drove away. He looked so smooth out there. Chikara Omine was in second place for 3:56:50. Chikara ran a strong race at the Northface 50-miler but the weekend after, at the Christmas Relays, he was on the sidelines because of issues with his knees. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to race Rodeo. I'm glad he was able to race and I hope he is happy with his time.

A funny thing I heard that day was from new trail friend Marla Moresi-Valdes, cracked me up - "I don't feel so good, I want to quit but I'm not going to!". She ends up finishing second in the women's race.

Enjoy the pictures. Merry Christmas!

Elves Luis Velasquez and Janet Thompson.

Victoria Folks, Theresa Hatch and Norbert Leinfellner trying to stay warm at the start.

The starting line up.

Hills for breakfast! At the back of the line.

Preston holding down the tent from the wind while Marissa scrambles to organize things.

The Endurables' Nathan Yanko leading at the 30k mark, looking and feeling good. He's looking even leaner these days which I didn't think would have even been possible.

Brett Rivers of The Endurables' at the 30k mark.

Another Endurable, Larissa Polischuk at the 30k mark. She has been non-stop this Fall, running many big races including the Quad Dipsea and the Northface 50-miler. Where are these Endurables getting all their energy?

Jeffrey and Beat.

More pictures here


  1. You can really see the wind whipping at the sea in the last photo...brrrrr!

  2. Happy Holidays Rick ! Wishing you the best for a healthy and happy new year. See you soon.

  3. yeah...I wish I could say I want to quit...I don't feel good...then come in second.

    Have a great Christmas Rick...


  4. It was, as always, marvelous to see you Saturday. Thanks for standing out in the cold for us. ;p

  5. Merry Christmas, Rick!

  6. Thanks so much for volunteering that day. Sorry I am such a "turtle" and missed you at the end of my 30k--at least I got to say "hi" at registration :. Long story about my race and my return home which took 2 days more than it should have because of the big East Coast snow storm--will have to share all of that with you sometime. Best, Ann