Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Steady... Steady... Keep it on Idle

GGTC at the Christmas Relays
Post-event photo. Courtesy of Geoff Farrell

After the Northface 50-mile two Saturdays ago I've have done, nothing, zilch. This past Saturday was our triathlon club's holiday party and the dancing Saturday night was the most exercise I've had all week. The next day I showed up early to the Christmas Relays at Lake Merced. Our club had 7 teams. Each team had 4 runners and each member had to do a lap around the lake which was roughly 4.5 miles. Despite the cold and rain there were plenty of runners and holiday cheer. There were also some, really, really fast runners in attendance. I was told the race was part of a series. You had all these running clubs with very quick runners, some running sub-5 minute miles for the 4.5 loop.

I came home inspired with the desire to cut short the time-off. Actually I showed up to the event with running clothes underneath my layers, you know just in case they needed a sub. I was offered a spot a couple of times but I ended up playing it smart an once I got started on the food table it was all over:) I really didn't need to do a recovery run in the middle of an event.

After 8 days of complete rest I jogged 4-miles yesterday and hit the gym. Run felt great, hated the gym. Well it is what it is, I need the strength and core training anyway. I'm in full Winter Season mode now.

Wet morning, wet start.

Outgoing club president Julia Prescott in her Christmas Relay outfit.

More holiday cheer.

2010 Run Director, Helen Kao.

2010 Bike Director, Dave Ewart. It was Dave's birthday at the Northface races and he celebrated by running his first ultra - the 50k event.

Outgoing Social Director, Ariane Buser with her Pacific Bicycle triathlon team. Don't let the Tutu's fool you, the Pac Bike ladies are quick. Ariane also ran the 50k event at Northface.


  1. I tell you Rick, AFter Palo Duro 50M, only till this week have I felt like getting back into training mode...but I kept up gym/boot camps/spin/strength...and really got into that. I can really feel the difference in my body. Have not gained nor lost a lb but have taken an 1" off at the waist. This kind of work should pay off for me on the Bataan March. As you know with experience, you will be ready to roll come spring times with all new PR's. Good luck on the Miwok 100...

  2. 8 days is your off season?? You're an animal! Aside from two races for fun, I haven't run a step in 4 weeks. Ha! But it's good to feel the itch, isn't it? The gym will serve you well come springtime. I don't have the discipline for that, so good on'ya!
    And, do you think they make compression socks like those argyle ones with the fuzzy tops? Cuz I need to add that to my Christmas list. Sexy!

  3. Dave: I bet your body is pretty strong and ready to take on more once your motivation is completely back. It sounds like you have trimmed up and gained some muscle weight. I'm looking to do the same for 2010.

    Gretchen: No, no, my off-season is 4 or 5 weeks but I like to kick it off with doing nothing for a week or two then I get back to some activity, slow and easy. No long runs, no speedwork.

  4. 盛年不再來,一日難再晨;及時當勉勵,歲月不待人..................................................

  5. Sweet! I found your blog!! Nice pics Rick.

  6. Looks like fun. Enjoy your downtime!