Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Weekend in Pictures

I've spent a good amount of my free time this week reading the stories to have come out of the recent running of the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 and the Vermont 100. So I've decided to keep the text down on my end and do a picture post instead. Last weekend was a great one at Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the pictures. Oh and TGIF.

George "Squirrel" Ruiz, Assistant Race Director for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100. Stopped by on Friday at the race registration in Carson City to visit with folks before heading back to Lake Tahoe. He's running the 50-mile race of the Headland Hundred. Should see him again in a couple of weeks.

Pal Samantha who signed up for the 50k race.

Saturday morning on the Lake, headed towards the swim relay start at Sand Harbor. We were the only sailboat in the relay, most were using small waterski type boats. Somewhere to the right is the start of the Tahoe Rim Trail 100.

The crew, 6 swimmers and two spectators. I was a spectator. Gerry is behind one of the boys, well you can see her foot on Jesse's knee.

Pandemonium at the start, propeller blades and swimmers. The first 30 minutes is hectic as boats and their swimmers search for each other. Eventually the field would get stretched out across the lake. This is us looking for Jeff our first swimmer.

More swimmers and boats.

Ariel, our star swimmer. Some boats used balloons to help their swimmer spot the boat in the first hectic minutes of the start. Being the only sailboat out there we didn't need the visual aid.

Birthday girl Jessica who is getting ready to take over from her guy Jeff, his swim trail is visible on the lower right hand corner.

Love this shot, sorry I got Jesse at mid-bite though:)

Solo run on Sunday before heading back to San Francisco.

Fantastic views from the trail, the water bottles are for scale.

For the complete photoset, click here.


  1. Great pictures, Rick.

    I heard someone (Grietje Reuter) swam the entire "relay" by herself--pretty amazing.

    Is that (the solo run) around Twin Peaks?

  2. Nice Pics & sweet ride Bro... looked cold out in them waters!!

  3. Hey Peter, thanks. That's a long way to go for a solo swim but it must have been an amazing experience. Ariel, one of our swimmers, commented that the blue of the water is nothing she had ever seen before.

    Not sure where I was. We were in Tahoe City, started at the Save and Mart where we parked. I ran to Fairway, made a right and up the road to the start of the trail. The trail marker said something about Watson Lake and Brockway Summit.

  4. Bob, that water is clean enough to drink. Hope you are all recovered from VT, mentally and physically.

  5. Awesome stuff Rick.

  6. Thanks for the pictures. I can't imagine jumping into the middle of the lake with a bikini on. Bbbuuuuuurrrrrrrr!

  7. Awesome photos, Rick! I loved the shots on the water. Looks like that was a most excellent time!

  8. Did you have beers with you? Haha.

  9. Nice pictures. It looks like you get to do something fun every weekend. Way to live life. See you next week!

  10. Wow that water looked still! Great photos as always!

  11. Great photo's, Rick!

  12. Beautiful pictures of the lake. I've seen that lake when the winds are wicked---lucky to have such a calm day. I think you've just convinced me to put the Tahoe Rim Trail (at least hiking it) on my bucket list. Happy rest of summer, Ann