Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day on the Lake

Just wrapped up a day in the Lake with good friends. Sunrise on a sailboat in the middle of the lake was quite an experience, new to me and freakin beautiful. The video and pictures don't do it justice but words alone is even more lacking.

As the 100-mile runners of the Tahoe Rim Trail 100-Mile Ultra-Marathon was making their way to their first aid station and the 50k / 50-mile runners are preparing for the start of their own race, I was with my TransTahoe Swim Relay friends. We were heading to the swim start at Sand Harbor. To the right somewhere on them hills is the start of Tahoe Rim Trail 100

Gerri with beer baton on the ready, takes over on the swim relay from Dave. While most folks used small powerboats / ski boats. This crew went with the 50 foot sailboat. Lots of room to stretch and hangout. Race relay in style.

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  1. WOW now that looks like a blast...well for swimmers, but what's with the sideways letter box style vid...were you a stowaway!