Friday, June 12, 2009

San Diego 100-Mile Videos

Jess didn't know that video's taken from digital cameras work best in the horizontal format. The one video that does start sideways quickly reverts to the proper format which is why I didn't bother rotating it like the second video. All videos were taken by Jess.

Scouting the race course with Chris and Jess the day before the race.

Race morning. Freezing my butt off and looking for Andy Kumeda who lent us a chair for Jess.

Race Start!

At the halfway point. Don't worry the video will turn the right side up after a few seconds.


  1. Wow, very informative report, Rick! Once again, congratulations on a strong run and thanks for letting me tag along with you and Jess! Chris

  2. Awesome videos as well! I thought it was hilarious that even after 50 miles, you were cognizant of the fact that Jess was holding the camera sideways! :)

    Great stuff!

  3. seriously, at 50 miles you're noticing that the camera is the wrong way? great videos, jess. who's the guy who sprints out of the starting line for a 100 miler?? seriously? loved the details of the day, kids. great color commentary, great racing rick!