Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Update on Western States

Sometime in May:
Carrie: I don't think I will make it past the Foresthill Aid Station (100k mark / Mile 62) in Western States. My injuries are not getting better. I went to the training camp and had to quit early. I didn't bother getting crew lined up or a pacer. None of my family is coming I think.

Rick: I can't commit to pacing you because I don't know what my condition will be after San Diego but if I'm okay I 'm willing to pace.

Carrie: Alright.

Rick: Cool.

Well the picture says it all. I'll be back with all the gritty details, photos and videos. I'm busy editing all this stuff so she can share it with her family and friends. Hopefully before she leaves for her short vacation in Wisconsin. I feel for her and her family. Last year they all came down from Indiana, rented a house in Lake Tahoe for the weekend, had shirts and hats made and the forest fires forced the cancellation of the event. They couldn't be here this time around so I shot a bunch of photos and took several videos with them in mind. Similar to what Jessica did for me at the San Diego 100-Mile earlier this month. Jessica's job was harder, she had to deal with me:) Just how we roll. As Gary Wang said: It's what our sport is all about: aloha, kokua and ohana. Amen Gary, amen and way to go runner 362. Way to fight, persevere and hang on Ms. Carrie Sisk. If I don't pace another person again I would be okay with that. A roller coaster ride to remember.

Somewhere on the Western States trail sometime between midnight and sunrise:
Carrie: In 30 minutes you are eating another gel.

Carrie: Please, I can't eat anymore gels (whiney voice here:) I'm gonna throw-up.

Rick: You don't have a choice and throw up if you want but you will have to take another one.

Carrie: Ugh. Okay.

Carrie and her Western States buckle.


  1. Awesome job, it sounded like a real killing field out there this weekend! Looking forward to all the details.

  2. Super cool. I'm excited to hear all about it. ;)

  3. Dude...people like you and Carrie make me glad that I am part of that community.....d

  4. Awesome. Congrats to Carrie. She deserves that buckle.

    It was great to see you out there. I'm still sifting through all the memories myself ...

  5. Nice job pacer! It's fun to be a part of the action, isn't it? I know at TRT last year, my pacer was critical to my finish. With such torrid conditions on race day, I suspect the same could be said for most Western States finishers this year. We love pacers!
    It was great seeing you, and congrats to Carrie! She toughed out a seriously hard day/night.

  6. Way to bring your runner home, Rick! I can't wait to ready your report. All the best to your friend Carrie for such an amazing accomplishment!

  7. Congratulations to Carrie and her pacer - Rick.

    Nice buckle too.

  8. Rick, send my congrad's to Carrie on a job well done and for hanging on until the end. It was nice seeing her at Devil's Thumb aid. To bad it wasn't under better circumstances. She's one tough chick :)

  9. Yeah Carrie on your 100 mile Finish, and way to go Rick for keeping her moving along and along and aLONGGGGG - LOL

  10. Dude, I so would have loved to have been there in the middle of all that excitement! Great times! Peace!

  11. Best teamwork ever! Congrats on getting her through, and a huge pat on the back to Carrie for crossing that finish line!!!