Friday, February 06, 2009

So Here I am

In the great state of Texas. Chillin in a hotel room with three runners who are running the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile race tomorrow. I'm crew and pacer for Tony but Wayne is here and so is Kira. I just met Wayne and Kira tonight but they're like most of the other ultra runners I've met in races, easy going and easy to get along with. Tonight at dinner with other friends they were all so good with their waters, diet sodas and easy meals. I had two tall deliciously cold 22 ounce beers and chicken fajitas. What? I don't have to be ready until 60-miles or when it gets dark. That's the rules, pacers are allowed at 60-miles or when it get dark.

The runners are going through their last minute preparations now. They all seem fine, veterans of other long races. Tony is excited and can't wait to start. I've been telling him since this afternoon to calm down. Save it for tomorrow Tony! At the moment they are talking to Bob Gentile on speaker phone, laughing their butts off. Ah Bobby, you should be here too. Now get off the phone and let my runners rest!

Alright, I'm out. Time for me to get ready for bed as well. I plan to go down at the start and watch them all take off. Gunderson has his cooler to hand off to me too. His pacer won't be here until 3:30PM tomorrow. Sure your cooler can bunk with our gear I said. The more the merrier.

Wayne, Tony, Mariana, Serg and Mark.

At the center, Kira, Tony and Wayne at the pre-race briefing.

Joe Prusaitis presiding over the pre-race briefing.


  1. Beer and fajitas...that is two of the four food groups as far as I am concerned! :)

    Rick, have a good time, and good luck with your pacing duties and in bringing your runner home! I look forward to your report.

  2. LOL ahhhh I wish I was there drinking a few cold beers :-)

    I will call ya tomorrow on da cell...

    Pace on Rick!! Bring Portera in under 24 brother.

    Best wishes to all u RUNNERS this weekend, Have a blast!!

  3. Of course someone would ask you to pace them at RR. Heck, I would! LOLOLOL Like that'll ever happen. Boy, I crack myself up. ;)

  4. Boy I wish I was running today with you guys...even it is only the 50 miler. Call me and let me know how it goes.

  5. Man, you kicked his butt pretty good, or was it all him? I need details:) Good team work, boys!

  6. Thanks for everything, my friend !

  7. Good to meet you and to chat for a bit, Rick! Oh, and thanks for the piece of pizza! It was a lifesaver!! Also, GREAT JOB helping Tony to his goal! Can't wait to meet you again out on the trails, brother! Peace!