Friday, February 13, 2009

Rocky Raccoon Pictures

Runners getting ready at the start.

Runners run past the timing matt on the right, get their aid further down at the tables, chairs for resting and blister repair in the middle and drop bags to the right. Some folks camped at the park and you can see some of the tents back there.

Gunderson after his first 20-mile loop, coming through the timing matt at second place with a 2:45. Way to represent with the Quad Dipsea shirt Gundy!

Runners take off from and come back to the finish via this trail.

Mark heading out for his last loop on the 50-mile race. Many people were suffering from the warm temperatures at this point. I had already given away three of the four bandanas I got at Walmart. I made ice bandanas for Tony, Wayne and a runner who was so affected from the heat he puked out his sandwich and Coke. That guy by the way would finish in 22+ hours, he survived his lowest point and came alive when the sun went down. Anyway while all this was happening here's Mark running around in a long sleeve black shirt, looking more comfortable than the guys with their shirts off. Well he is from Texas.

50-mile runners finishing their event. The woman in blue with the binoculars, it's her job to spot the race numbers so the announcer can have the runner's names by the time they reach the finish. I'd go cross-eyed doing that job. There's that Boston Athletics logo again. One day, maybe when the qualifying time is 3:30. old would I have to be for that?

Larry King (red) getting ready to pace Andy Jones Wilkins (white) on his last 20-mile loop. Larry had showed up earlier in the day and told the race staff that he would like to pace, preferably someone quick. Well he got the big guy himself. Andy would end up winning and in his report, credits Larry for helping him out those last 20-miles. You can read Andy's report here and Larry's report here.

Dave Elliot's new Texas running buddy Dmitry. Dmitry helped out Dave in his second 50k at Bandera and here he was at Rocky to pace Wayne. He didn't even know Wayne, just responded to Wayne's request for a pacer on some forum list. Yes he did run in that hat.

Wayne and Tony after the race. They're like bears sniffing out food and drink, slow moving sore bears.

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