Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Ah how happy am I that the holiday craziness is finally over. I don't have to hear over and over again, in the news, how bleak retail sales have been. Most of my friends are coming back from visiting home or holiday trips. I tell you this city empties out like college during the Christmas holiday. And it's a brand new year! The days are getting longer again and in a blink of an eye it will be March and time to race hard again. In the meantime nothing to do but continue with the Winter training. Not only did I have a great year in 2008 but I also finished in the best shape ever; tired but not exhausted, little hurts and pains but not injured and extremely motivated. Ironically it was my competitive nature that checked my desire to sign up for one more long race before the year ended. I just knew I wouldn't be able to run the time that I wanted. But I'm back now and busy laying the ground work for a new season. I already started that job when I sought Rachel's help, my personal trainer, to revamp my weight training program back in October. I suspended the weight training heading into the last two races and picked it back up again during the break. It only has started to feel comfortable this week. I'm finally finding my groove in this whole strength training thing and I don't mind the gym as much as I used to. In fact I'm going to head over there right now. I think it's crazy they are open on New Year's day but since they are. At a mere three weeks this is the shortest break I've taken and unlike previous breaks where I did absolutely nothing I ran besides doing the weight training. Short stuff, 4-6 miles of easy to moderate and long runs of 9-12. I feel better for it. Nothing like a good run to scrub away some of the junk in the mind and spirit.

Anyway just dropped off the sister who was visiting from Orlando, Florida. Despite the big age difference between the two of us we get along just fine. She's 19. I'll leave you with the note she left on my computer, I don't think she will mind. I had to bleep some stuff though, trying to keep this blog PG-13.


anyway, you're such a punk but thanks anyway for being a brother and paying for my booty. i'm telling you...don't regret it because one day IT WILL BE ME who pays for you, so that's something for you to look forward to =] well, try to take care of your alcoholic ways, lol and keep being your RIDICULOUS self and hopefully 2009 will treat you with better beer and BITC[bleep]ES =D

actually not hopefully...more like 2009 WILL GIVE YOU BETTER ONES!! i'll probably talk to you soon. take it easy and always remember there's more to a girl than just a pretty face and a nice [bleep]....well most of the time anyway. bahahha! alright time for me to check out and for you to get out of the damn shower cause i have a plane to catch, thank you!


She thinks I'm crazy and not because of the the running:) Well she sees a side of me that no one else sees, to this degree anyway, not sure why that is. A funny, ridiculous side that keeps us in stitches sometimes. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by great people, especially family. I hope you all are having a great start to the new year yourselves and Happy New Year!

Well it seems like I wasn't the only one motivated to hit the ground running. Members of our tri-club and one of our coaches went out to do the traditional New Year's Day swim at Aquatic Park. It must have been cold, brrr. With and without wetsuits and a lot of love. I actually wanted to join but it was right around the time I had to go to the airport. Heather you are brave. Jay, great photos.


  1. Ha! She (speaks) like my 22 year old daughter. I could feel the love though. ;)
    Happy New Year Rick!

  2. She particularly likes it when I try to talk their lingo:)

  3. Happy New Year, Rick

  4. "Nothing like a good run to scrub away some of the junk in the mind and spirit." - Very well said, Rick! I couldn't agree more.

    And, the note from your sister was funny, and I liked your effort to censor it! :) That was pretty humorous! It is cool that you get along so well.

    Happy New Year, and all the best in 2009!

  5. Hey Rick! Did you know I have a 21 year old sister? It's fun to have an in to that young hip crowd. Looks like you and your sis are close, that is cool. :>)

  6. Happy New Year, Rick!

  7. Victoria: Happy New Year! Nice runs in Spain.

    Luciano: Happy New Year!

    Jean: Loved your end of the year highlights. Have an even better 09.

    J~Mom: Didn't know. Another thing we have in common.

    Rob: Happy New Year.