Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Gary

A great group of people. Birthday boy Gary in the middle, in orange.

Hanging with some of the tri-folk this evening. I missed the New Year's day swim so I was glad to have had the chance to catch up with some of them this evening. Maybe I should limit my exposure. Talking races with them I started to second guess my decision to pull out of tri's for awhile to focus solely on running. I actually started to plot a training plan for Big Kahuna, a great half-ironman distance triathlon held in Santa Cruz in the Fall. I snapped out of it though. Almost. I need the time that would have gone to swimming and biking to increase my overall weekly mileage.

I was very well behaved. Nursed a drink for two hours and was out of there by 9. Big day of running planned tomorrow. I was invited, along with other runners, by Kelly to join her and Suzanna on a 10 hour training run. I'll probably tag along for 5 or 6 then catch a bus back to San Francisco. Kelly and Suzanna are fast, hopefully the pace is something I can hang with. They are both such accomplished runners. I think Suzanna is training for the HURT100, thus the 10 hour run. Don't you just dig that name, it stands for "Hawaiian Ultra Running Team." The race takes place in Oahu. She should do well. She was first woman at the Cascade Crest Classic 100 this past year and was also first woman at the Quad Dipsea in November, that's just the races I know about. Should be a good day.


  1. I'm trying to make it a running focused year as well (mostly because I have a dissertation to finish and a move to Seattle to make), but oh the allure of the triathlon!

    Enjoy your run!

  2. Ahhh the tris almost pulled you back in. It's good to keep focus though on where your heart first wanted it. :>)

  3. PPPfffftt you should have gotten all wasted and had a lovely lady take advantage of you ;-)

  4. Danielle: Thanks for stopping by. I know, I know, it's harder to give up than I thought. Just gotta keep my focus. A move to Seattle huh, some really great trail running up there.

    J~Mom: I'll just live through you and my other tri friends.

    Marcy: Ah Marcelina, always the voice of reason:)