Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rollin Again...Slowly

Stretching at the top of Mt. Tam, 20 mins into our trail run this morning. Look Jean no snow:) Just teasin.

So after 2.5 weeks of doing absolutely nothing athletic I slowly eased myself back to running this past week. Woof, going downhill (letting it all go) is always fast, the uphill (getting it all back) is the one that takes forever. Well I'm not looking to get back into tip top shape just yet, just doing some maintenance work. Funny I finished the season feeling pretty beat but it only took a couple of weeks to feel fully rested, should've ran harder and faster during the latter half of the year.

Nothing but slower and shorter runs for right now and they feel great, well except for the first one back. Today I was out in the trails with friends Jen and Ashli. Coach Neil extended an invitation to join his training group and we were more than happy to oblige. The run wasn't very hilly, it was on fire road which was wide and tame and my group opted for the short version but even then my heart rate got up there. Thankfully I wasn't the only one:)

Rick: Ed my heart rate is at max
Ed: I hit mines back there
Rick: Oh good

It was a beautiful foggy day. Cold but perfect for running.


  1. RICK Said: So after 2.5 weeks of doing absolutely nothing athletic I slowly eased myself back to running this past week.
    Welcome Back and I SOOOOO can relate I have done ZIPPO the past 2 weeks but eat junk & drank plenty of beers...ummm wait I did do ONE pool workout :-)

    GLad u got back out there... I am heading NORTH on Weds and will be up there till Jan 4th SOOO I am going to do TRAIL Work, and looking forward to it...not so much the cold though :-(

    Have a great X-Mas Bro! I will give u a call this week to catch up a bit.

  2. Squirt =P7:59 AM

    yo yo
    check out THE WEEPIES.
    and you almost ready to leave?

  3. Got the card - aww...have a sweet holiday season,speedster! I'll make sure to find a race to come see you!

  4. I am glad you are back at it!

  5. Rick, what a fun run (ok, hike/run)!

    It was great to see you before left!

    I hope it's a GREAT trip. Enjoy the food, friends and family!

    See you in the new year...

  6. Ha ha! No snow indeed...what a strange sight! :) Looks like a beautiful place and a beautiful day to run.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Rick! I hope you have a fantastic holiday with your family and friends! :) Enjoy!

  7. I think I need a break too. : )