Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Lola

My grandmother around 15-16 yrs. old

This post goes out to my lola (grandmother). She just turned 90. Still healthy, good appetite, good memory, loves to garden, walks about, chatterbox and tremendously enjoys the new addition to the extended family over there - the first great grandchild, 4 months old. She raised me till I was a month shy of my 12th birthday so I am very close to her. I can trace the Spanish blood in me through her family, she's half Spanish, half Filipino. My mom and uncles had to learn Spanish so they can read the newspaper to their grand parents. I was the first generation to go straight to English, too bad, I could use the Spanish now.

I spoke with my lola on her birthday, they are 16 hours ahead. She said her only wish is to be granted more years to enjoy her new great grand child. That's sweet. My mom is there with her now. They threw her a surprise b-day party. In attendance was her older sister, 5 yrs. older. Good genes no?

I'll be in the Philippines for the holidays. Looking forward to slappin around the new kid and spending time with my lola.

A few more races to go till then.


  1. Happy B-day Lola on reaching 90, so awesome to be 90 and active...Very Blessed!!

  2. Squirt =P1:31 PM

    awwwww LOLLAAA! =]
    dang, rick you might live to be that old if you got the right genes. who knows?

  3. What a beautiful picture! And she sounds like an awesome lady. : ) My grandma is 103 and was pretty active up to her late 90's. I hope I inherited her longevity genes too!

  4. I love the picture of Lola! What a wonderful post for her! Happy Birthday Lola!

  5. Happy birthday to your Lola! What a gorgeous photo :) You've definitely inherited some great genes!

  6. Long may she live.

  7. Oh, beautiful picture! Happy birthday to Lola! Hey, run with us when you're here in manila :)

  8. That is really cool, Rick. And what an awesome picture! How fantastic!

    A very happy birthday to your grandmother, and I wish her many, many more!