Monday, October 22, 2007

E-mail Postman

Handiong out emails at San Francisco One day. Photo courtesy of Leslie Antonis.

Another great thing about this race was all the folks visiting from the PCTR community. PCTR has quite a following and we had runners pop in to say hello. Leslie and friend Anita were in town for the Nike Women's Marathon and they stopped by to cheer on friends and runners. Leslie snapped this picture of me. Handing out emails was a tedious job since I didn't know all the runners but it was great to connect names to the faces.


  1. Heck yeah!!! Now that's the kind of mailman I want to see ;-) You should be my mailman hehe

  2. LOL How Ironic :-) printout ur email and mail/hand it to someone...OMG stop I was justing thinking of life without the internet & google & blogland, yikes!!

  3. Were you reading everyone's personal mail as you handed out? I think that violates the postman's creed or something. ; ) : )

    Looks like a beautiful day for a run! Did you volunteer for the Nike women's marathon too this weekend? Nice!

  4. Now that you mention it, I did see a racewalker out there. I passed several times, coming and going.

    I remember saying to myself, he sure is taking small strides for someone with such long legs,but god luv'em ..12 hours.

    hmmmm I can easily do 8 hours. I wonder .....

  5. Oo good question Sarah. No, no reading. We did however have to read the top part which indicated for which runner the email was for.

    Yup was also out for Nike.

  6. Squirt =P10:42 AM

    2 days nikkuhhhh! =]

  7. Good seeing you on Saturday!


  8. I wondered how the people on PCTR got their email. How nice of you!! :>)

  9. I would love to take part in this race. Maybe next year. I love San Francisco!

  10. Squirt =P8:27 PM

    okay 3 days since someone can't seem to get their mind in gear.
    p.s. yeah ill treat ya for the first meal, mom will take care of the rest ;)