Sunday, October 20, 2013

Race Week

This morning at 6:30 AM I was woken up by what I can only describe as soft, muffled sounds that would go in and out. It sounded a bit eerie actually but as my head cleared I realized it was the start of the Nike Women's Marathon. I'm only 4 blocks from the start at Union Square but this is the first time I've heard it. Well it was a warm night and I had left a window open. It brought back memories of the time when I used to volunteer at the race. Then thinking about NWM made me think about Javelina next weekend and I wasn't able to get back to sleep after that.

Two weeks of taper done, one more to go. I like a three week taper for the hundred milers and I enjoy it, no going stir crazy for running less. The summer has definitely been much better training wise than the winter and spring was and I wanted the rest. I hardly had any problems this time around and had a number of great runs. I even got a 50k race on the schedule; a muddy, foggy, windy and wet affair with Masha chasing me all over the place finishing only 20 minutes behind and coming in 4th woman (she closed to 12). It was her first ultra too. I was pretty proud, she had a great race.

I didn't come out of training and racing totally unscathed however. I strained my left hamstring on that 50k and it's been bothering me since. On my last long run it was quite unhappy with me so I cut my mileage way back once tape started. Not the kind of taper I had in mind but it's been working. I've been careful not to aggravate the cranky hamstring any further – been going easy on the runs and even walking my uphills. I'm happy to say it's been responding well to TLC which has also included a lot of icing, stretching and even some body work. It's been feeling great and I have one more week to go.

Most important of all I feel spiritually centered. I'm operating from a great and blessed place. I'm all lined up, from top to bottom, and I plan to keep it that way:) I'm feeling good heading into this weekend.
Post race photo at the San Francisco Running Company with; Keli, Masha, Jorge and Denise. Jorge won the race and set a new record.

Being on taper has freed up time for other activities. That's Masha in the red cap, trying her hand on outrigger canoeing courtesy of the Tamalpais Canoe Club. They were great hosts and even threw us a bbq afterwards. I stayed on photo and video duty for the whole day, content to watch and not try something new this close to a big race. Knowing myself, I'd end up pulling something!

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