Saturday, June 18, 2011

Videos from the 2011 San Diego 100-Mile

Hanging with the crew.

This time last week, I was full of coffee and hanging with the crew at the San Diego 100-Mile. So many of us went to run, crew and pace that it felt like a San Francisco Bay Area race. We were also joined by friends from the Pacific Northwest who visit often. Really it kind of felt like Miwok except of course it was a 100-mile race. I have a soft spot for PNW runners. Through the years the runners up North have had a great impact on my running which started with one of my first mentors in the sport - Olga Varlamova.

I have completed eleven 100 milers and two events I've run twice; Headlands Hundred and San Diego. I don't have enough experience about 100 mile courses to be making the following statement but I'm going to say it anyway - San Diego 100-Mile is one of the best 100 milers in the country! Working on a more detailed write up and will post more pictures.

Pal Larissa Polischuk on her first 100-mile finish, paced by her boyfriend Brett Rivers. Way to go LP!

Walter Edwards, finishing, paced by pal Jason Hill, surrounded by lots of huggy friends.

A light hearted moment with Ken and Randy. I was crewing for Randy and I was supposed to pace too but the pacing part never happened. He came down with food poisoning two days before the race and on race day it was still bad enough to keep him from eating. Between miles 23 and 44, through the hardest, hottest part of the race he consumed less than 100 calories. Lack of nutrition pretty much killed his race, he could run with it but not eat with it.

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  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Aw, man, you know I really hate you right now! I LOVE Sand Diego 100! Why in the world did I not go there this year and instead travelled East? I am so jealous! Word - next year, promise, come hell or high water.
    Tell Larissa Soviet chicks rock!
    Edward looks lean, I am guessing he moved down?
    And shucks, thanks, man. We are not dead yet, right? In a meantime, go kill the WS! I expect you to take revenge of 2006 and go after that neat color!