Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Oregon and Pine to Palm 100

I love Oregon. I only have good memories from this state, from my first marathon to the Hood to Coast Relay. My mom lived in Portland for a year and it was great visiting here. Like all the greenery. We left early this morning, made the drive with Brett Rivers, Larissa Polischuk and David Wronski. David will be crewing for Brett and our designated driver. None of us plan on going home Sunday though. We plan on a good night sleep Monday, lots of eating and an easy relaxed drive home.

I'm quite excited for this race. I've already committed the elevation profile to memory - it's a big deal for sure. I hate uphill starts and this will be the biggest one yet for me. It will be a mother but at least a mere 14 miles into the race we would have already climbed over a quarter of the total elevation gain for the race which is estimated at 20,000 feet.

Well I would like to stay and keep talking but we are winding down and the gang looks like they are ready to hit the hay. See you guys on the other side of the inaugural Pine to Palm 100!

RD Hal Koerner. Matt Keyes behind me said something about his cool shirt and I quickly snapped his picture. I'm sneaky that way. He said being RD will be harder than running, I believe him. We have the easy and much more fun job, lucky us!

Brett Rivers, Larissa Polischuk and Jon Kroll at registraion.

The elevation profile. It opens up with what looks like a 6,000 ft. climb and from that point a nice big steep drop. The last 20 miles is a doozy too - 10 mile climb to beat you down further and 10 mile downhill to shred the quads if they are not already. Then of course there's all that stuff in the middle. It will be a grand adventure.


  1. Have a great time out there Rick. Really bummed I couldn't join u guys so you'll have to kill it for the both of us!

  2. Good luck, and have fun, Rick!

    That elevation profile looks crazy, especially to a guy like me from the flat country! :)

  3. I'm following you on the updates! Hope you're having a good run. Sorry to miss it, but it didn't work out with the little guy's school schedule. So Marc is on his own!

  4. A 6,000 feet climb? Holy crap! Have a great time. ;)

  5. Got at it and have a blast!