Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Big Weekend

Basic CMYK
Logo for the new PCTR race by yours truly.

It's another one of those weekends where there are multiple events going on and it's a bummer because I want to be a spectator/volunteer in all of them. It is the summer after all. The new PCTR Headlands 50-Mile and Marathon is this Saturday, the Vineman Half-Ironman is Sunday and the whole weekend is the Tahoe Rim Trail 100-Mile. I'm headed up to TRT. My sister and her boyfriend are visiting from Orlando, Florida and I'm taking them along. It's a perfect opportunity for them to experience Tahoe and witness a 100-mile race. Lots of friends racing in the 100 as well as the 50-mile and 50k race. I was supposed to crew and pace my friend Preston "Ultra P" McCaskill but as it turned out there's enough folks headed up who want to crew and pace too so I gave my spot away. Worked out for the best since I had family in tow and Jaime, our friend who now holds my spot, will get to experience his first ultra - a win win situation. It's Preston's first 100-mile race and he will need everyone's help since he picked a hard one for his first. It was already a hard race before and the changes to the course this year just made it even harder! More power to him. I do plan to swing by the PCTR Headlands event prior to heading out for Tahoe. Lots of friends participating in that event too and I'd like to see how the logo turned out on the shirts and coasters.

So where have I been? Nowhere really, just been quietly attending to my training. Got my endurance back but not my speed, hopefully it makes an appearance sometime this month:) Actually I've been having some lingering fatigue issues and I'm excited because I think I may have solved it. More on that later. I want to make sure that is really the case before I start blogging about it. Otherwise everything is good. Managed 92 miles last week despite not feeling like a superstar, good thing because I will be nowhere near that this week with family in town. All good, running has to take a backseat to more important things.

Well the camera battery is charging and hopefully I'll bring back some great videos/photos to share, the usual you know. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Hey Rick,

    Nice to meet you today at Tennessee Valley. And again, thanks for shooting the video of the Quicksilver start. All my friends think I looked "very relaxed" when I finally made my entrance!


  2. Dan it was also good to meet you, thanks for introducing yourself. You are welcome on the video, a solid argument for your being the most relaxed runner at the race! Good times. Hope you enjoyed yourself on the Headlands course.

  3. Great seeing ya Rick - got a couple of compliments on the shirt when I wore it to the gym today!