Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was at Western States 100-mile this past Saturday, spectating, cheering, socializing - what I do best really, forget running. I wanted to stay for the whole weekend just like last year when I crewed and paced but there was work to do on Sunday. I did make the most of my one day though, stopping at three different points along the course taking photographs and video. I took a lot of photos which I whittled down to a manageable number of 70+ and I took several videos, three of which came out nicely. But before I can show you all those videos and photos, I have to share this one image. It was taken by friends who were working the Auburn Lakes aid station, mile 85.2 of the race. It made me laugh and it deserves it's own post. Now I feel bad that I wasn't able to stop by as planned. By the time I left the river crossing at mile 78, it was close to midnight, was hungry and ready for some chow before the final quick stop at the finish line in Placer High. Awesome, awesome day. Some of you who are my friends in Facebook have already seen the photos and videos but for those who are not, don't worry I will be posting them here too.

Auburn Lakes Aid Station Crew
Auburn Lakes aid station crew. I just know this is the brainchild or either Dana, Sam, Kara or all three. Where they found the time for such shenanigans on such a busy day is beyond me:) Photo courtesy of Kara Teklinski.


  1. Sounds like good times. We can clearly see what a big flirt you are from this pic!


  2. Funny!

    btw, I went to HS with first on the left bottom row. My worlds are colliding! :)

  3. On man you have your own cheer leading squad!

    No way do you need flying monkeys!