Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wells in Uganda

Posting for my buddy Jonathan Gunderson who is raising money for wells in Uganda. He has been involved in this work for several years now, has even taken the opportunity to visit, meet people and see the work being done. The logo was my contribution to his cause for 2010.

Basic CMYK

2010 Western States Challenge to benefit World Harvest Mission's well-building in Uganda sponsored by Injinji, Brooks, Josh Moberg, P.T., and Diakadi Body

The Challenge:
To raise $5,000 towards my yearly goal of $12,000 to build 4 water wells in Uganda. Each well built will help provide fresh water for over 1,000 people. To put it another way, every $3 you donate will give one person access to fresh water that is free of many water-born parasites and diseases. You can help me reach that goal by making a donation now towards World Harvest Mission's well-building program. All money donated goes towards this goal. Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be sent to donors at the end of the year in addition to the email receipt sent to you by PayPal.

My Challenge:
Run the Western States 100. My goal is to finish the race in less than 19 hours. All donors can additionally challenge me personally to finish with a particular placing or a particular time for additional donations. If I accept your challenge, I pledge to make a donation in the challenge amount if I don't meet it. Email me personally at:

The Schwag:
Every donation, regardless of amount, will receive a picture of the well-building projects in Uganda. For each donation of $25, you will receive 1 entry into the drawing for the Grand Prize pack which includes the following: 10 pairs of Injinji Performance Toesocks including one pair of their Nuwool socks and one pair of their brand new Compression socks. You will also receive a pair of Brooks shoes of your choice with a retail value up to $100 (per

Second Chance Drawing:
If you don't win the Grand Prize, there is a drawing for the Second Chance Prize which is a 1 hour personal training session or nutrition consultation with Josh Moberg, P.T. Josh is a personal trainer with">Diakadi Body, a Personal Training and Wellness Center in San Francisco, CA. There is no need to apply for this drawing; all individuals entered in the Grand Prize Drawing who do not win are automatically entered in this Second Chance Drawing.

The Charity:
All proceeds benefit the Uganda Well-Building Program for World Harvest Mission.

Be Part of The Challenge:
To be a part of the challenge, click here
1) Make a donation via the ChipIn icon to the right. Donations can be made via PayPal account or Credit Card. Again, every $25 in donations equals one entry.


  1. i dont know if this is a coincidence, i just saw this well-drilling project in a Christian magazine and now I saw this on your blog. i saw your link on TBR's roll. nice site bro, keep it up! may the Lord bless you! i'll be adding you on mine too!

  2. This is a worthy project. Remember to put aside money and to have a plan to service these wells, as they will receive such heavy use that they most likey will break down, and then those people will be back to hauling water on their heads again.

    John G.

  3. John, just to let you know that the maintenance on these projects is very little/if at all. The design is very simple and elegant. They hand dig the wells up to 150 ft. since the water table in the area (near the Nile/Lake Victoria) is closer to the surface. These are not like a number of the deep well projects which require extremely specialized equipment to build. Because we work with the city/municipality's engineering group and it's also in their interests to maintain the well, they will take care of any up keep.