Friday, February 05, 2010


Well after last week's big back down on the miles and intensity I've been more than fine this week. It was a scheduled back down week anyway but more backing down than I wanted and that was just a result of too many miles too soon. This week though the ol bod has been super. It got beat down, recovered and cranking harder than before. Been racking up the miles again and everything feels smooth and good. I've started to do double workouts, runs during the am and then again in the pm. Another way to up the mileage. When I was still doing triathlons I ran low weekly mileages considering that I was participating in the hundred milers. I think I got it down to 40-45 miles per week. I biked a lot though and swam too. Now that I'm not doing the triathlon thing I've raised my overall mileage to 80-100 miles per week and it used to be that I really didn't care exactly how many miles I ran, now I'm obsessed with counting all my miles. Well more mileage has certainly helped my running. I'm a faster and stronger runner now. I can't swim to save my life or bike up a hill without wanting to hurl a lung but I'm a better runner:)

Speaking of the bike, part of my back down activities last week was to take part on a muffin ride with the triathlon club. I don't know how they call it in other clubs but here "muffin" means easy social ride. It was a ride open to all levels especially those new to the club. We stopped a lot and even had a mid-ride coffee and pastry break. No hard training was happening here which made it perfect for me. Enjoy the pictures.

Our fearless ride leader John Branderhorst. He temporarily took over Bike Director duties because our friend Dave Ewart was downed by Chicken Pox. Must be tougher when you get it as an adult.

Lauren, catching a ride between trips. Just got in from Argentina, a vacation trip with her boyfriend then leaving for Africa in the evening for work. She must be tired but she didn't ride like it.

Mid-ride stop for coffee and food, something that really doesn't happen on regular training rides. Well you know, tough to stop in the middle of a workout, eat, drink, then get going again.

Inside the coffee shop with John and Donato. Both these guys have run ultras as well. Donato, the guy in shades, has done several.

James leading the way through the flooded bike path. Recent rains has made a mess of these low lying areas. James is a bike racer from San Diego. He was very happy when the sun came out, good thing he is only here for 6 months, he would hate to be in San Francisco during the summer when it's really foggy.

The one problem we had on the ride and it was a pretty major one. Krishna's rear derailleur broke off and wrapped around his wheel. Good thing it was on an uphill and not a downhill. He was probably shifting gears as he went up and the thing just broke off. He fell over but going uphill he wasn't going very fast. Brand new bike only a month old, well at least the warranty will cover it.


  1. Sweet that everything is gonig well. Keep up those doubles. See you soon!

  2. It got beat down, recovered and cranking harder than before.
    So Ultra :-) keep pushing, going to be a good 2010' for you!

  3. WOW that u/s derailleur could have been so much worse!

  4. Tony: See you man, Umstead here we come. I'll bring my whip as usual and you are going to run it faster than last year. I was toying with the idea of doubles and Bob told me to do it. He was "Tony is doing them, are you weaker than Tony". Well I added the last part but that was what he meant.

    Bob: For all of us Bob, running hard, beating ourselves up, we heal then we go at it some more.

    Stuart: Pretty gnarly huh, the piece that connected it to the bike sheared right off. It was a Shimano 105 component, not the best you can get but not too shabby either. Shouldn't do that, especially on a new bike.

  5. oh wow - you in cycling gear? you trump me! good to see you flying the flag of GGTC in your kit. miss you, Rick. hope all is well with you! xo

  6. Nice pictures! Hmmm Muffin ride. Makes me want to go run to the nearest coffee and pastry shop :)