Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Sara(h) of PurityOrganic

Thank you for your help this afternoon. You let us use your phone at Tennessee Valley, because ours could not get reception. You waited patiently with us in the cold while AAA kept us on hold for a long time. You gave us free samples of your product so we could rehydrate ourselves after our run. No water at Tennessee Valley and we couldn't get to our reserves that was locked in the car. Then you were oh so nice to give us stinky, dirty, muddy runners a ride out of Tennessee Valley were we could get cell reception and where the AAA guy could meet us.

Good stuff. I've had this flavor a couple of times.

After you left, around 5:15pm, I got food with the $20 emergency fund at Subway and we ate the sandwiches on the corner of Shoreline and Tennessee Valley road while we waited for AAA. People were staring at us from their cars so I tried to ravage my footlong discreetly by turning my back on the traffic but at a 3-way intersection there was really no place to hide. Standing tall was the only way to go because squatting I felt like a monkey. It got really cold with our damp running clothes, wet shoes and socks and still no AAA. Their driver kept getting delayed. Thank goodness we had packed lightweight shells but even those were damp. Thank God you got us out of Tennessee Valley and into place with shops and food. By 6:30pm we were so cold we hung out inside the Walgreens on Shoreline to warm up. We stank, had dried mud all over our legs and were a little salty. We longingly eyed the sweaters, gloves and warm socks they had on sale but we spent most of the money on food (we went back to Subway for a third footlong). We had enough money for one pair of socks which he suggested we share, one sock each, but I didn't see the point since our shoes were still wet. Our feet were the coldest parts. Ironically we are sponsored by competing sock companies - oh the irony. We walked around aimlessly trying to look harmless and un-shoplifter like until he found the chairs at the pharmacy. So we hung out there looking like a couple of nice fellas just waiting for our prescriptions to be filled even though the pharmacy was closed. Eventually his uncle and brother came from San Francisco, just in case when AAA finally succeeded in opening the car and the key was NOT in the trunk. They gave him a hard time. Still no AAA by this time. At least by this time he had told his wife that he would be late for dinner, family were dropping by. Eventually AAA came, they unlocked the car and sadly no key but they were able to make one right then and there. It's expensive though and they have to do some computer coding to make them work but it's partly covered by the insurance. I was finally able to get to my bag which contained my wallet, apartment keys and most importantly fresh, dry, warm clothes. We finally drove out of Tennessee Valley after 8:30pm.

Your juice rocks and great to know that there is a nice person behind the company, a trail runner to boot who enjoys PCTR's events. Good luck on your future races.

P.S. I omitted my running partner's name on purpose because he is kind of embarrassed about the whole thing. Hopefully that subsides in a couple of days because I have pics in my phone from the run that I plan on posting. We ultra-marathoners are a small and tight community and many people know who he is. Good times and we are thankful you were a part of it!


  1. I love these stories about the kindness of strangers. How nice of her to help you guys like that. Great stuff!

    Sounds like that was quite an adventure. Glad you were eventually able to get some warm clothes after all of that!

  2. what an afternoon....miserable at the time...but keep that in you back pocket in the "good" story catagory for a later date....

  3. Awesome story! I love the image of two cold, dirty runners sitting on the chairs at the Pharmacy. Hope un-named-running-partner comes out of the closet, because there is seriously no need to be embarrassed in this crowd. :) And yay for Sarah! Glad your adventure ended up okay.

  4. Sounds like a guardian angel there - an organic one, to boot. (Must be Marin County.) Glad it all worked out well in the end.

  5. Most Sarah's I know are super awesome. : ) Glad there was one at the right place at the right time to help you out! That is sure a run to remember!

  6. post the photos post the photos post the photos!