Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Loving the Taper

I always enjoy the taper. I like that extra time on my schedule that allows me to do other things. Take for example this past weekend. Sunday several friends from our triathlon club were running a PCTR event, the Skyline Ridge 50k, and I thought it would be a great idea to come out and just hang at the finish line. To go just to go and be outside since I had the opportunity. Saturday was a good, solid, flat 16-miles with a 3-mile pick up in the end of the run that left me tired but feeling good about my fitness. All I wanted to do Sunday was watch other people run. A small voice in my head did say, "oh just stay home, do some chores, get some work done". I left anyway!

It turned out to be a colder day than I anticipated but the sun was out at least and it was warm in the sun. My friends were doing the 14, 23 and 37k option. We got there 20 minutes before race start and I rushed around to greet the other runners that I knew. A nice surprise was George Velasco who was in town and decided to run the 50k race. I have only seen George at the 100s either running, crewing or pacing. In the end I ended up helping out at the finish line aid station - that was where all the good stuff was:) One of the gals came in second woman on the 14k event and it was her first trail run. Another friend managed not to get stung by bees/wasps which was a good thing because he's allergic. People got stung in front of and behind him. When the course looped back to the start he picked up his emergency syringe and ran with it for the rest of the run. Overall a pretty darn good day of grazing at the aid station table and watching other people run the trails.

As for the work that I could have done while I was away. I got going on that soon as I got home and into the evening. I got to do both in the end.

David Schoenberg at the start.

George (yellow buff), Jeanette and Dave waving at the camera as they set off.

The start of the 14k loop.

Sandrine, 12th overall and 2nd female for the 14k race, her first trail race.

Victoria and Jo-Lynn at the finish line aid station table. J actually ran but hung out with us after her finish before heading home.

Just a good reminder that as fun as these events are, it's still the outdoors and there are things to watch out for.


  1. Looking forward to spending some quality time with you at JJ100 !

  2. Taperrrrrrrrrrr Rock out that last race of the year !!

    See ya soon !

  3. See you Saturday. Good luck Ricky Boy!! ;)

  4. Is that the reason why you run so fast Rick, you do your training runs in mountain lion habitat areas? :) Goodluck and godspeed on Saturday.

  5. I can't wait how Firetrails will turn out. Best of luck!

  6. Will have to meet up with you at Javelina.