Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pirates Cove Training Run

So next weekend is my first ultra race of the season, PCTR's Pirates Cove 50k. The trails utilized by the event is within the area where I do most of my training so no surprises there. Besides I ran the race last year. I was out for the usual long run on Sunday but this time I had some company. I volunteered to lead a trail run for our tri-club and I took them on a scenic 6.5 mile loop that is part of the 30k and 50k race. It was especially rewarding since four of the runners had never run this route before. It was my pleasure to show them the way. Everyone enjoyed the views even though there was some grumbling about the Pirates Cove climb. Haha, it's a beauty of a climb, short, sweet and steep. The views of the coast was amazing as usual. Everyone seemed to have had a great time.

I ran the 2 hours to the meeting point in the Headlands and as I was leaving the city I ran headlong into runners participating in the "Emerald Across the Bay 12k". They started in Sausalito, climbed a big hill, ran across the Golden Gate into San Francisco. I saw many familiar faces - spotted Glorybelle. She looked happy. I can't say the same for some of the runners behind her though. If I hadn't been tight on time I would have turned around and ran with her to the finish. She was only about a half mile out at that point. The run back to SF wasn't as exciting and it took much longer. All the rushing to make it to the group run on time caught up with me in the end:)

I'm excited to be racing again. Gonna take it easy this week, short stuff, nothing over an hour. I've also been ice bathing to help the muscles recover faster from the long run. I will show up for track tomorrow though. Intervals are intense but they're short so I'm thinking it should be okay. I believe in tapering for a race but I didn't bother doing much of a taper for this event. It's the first of several races and just part of the training for the longer events. It should be alright.

The time to beat is 4:56, my time from last year. Many friends will be in attendance and I'm looking forward to catching up with them as well.

The gang at Muir Beach. The Pirates Cove race doesn't actually hit the beach, we couldn't resist coming down when we saw it from the top of the hill.

Leaving Muir Beach, heading back to the start of our run at Tennessee Valley.

Daniel on the Pirates Cove climb. There's a little bit more at the top that isn't visible.

Almost at the top, Muir Beach somewhere back there.

Where we just came from, back here next week.


  1. Awesome. Best of luck at Pirates Cove. I have to say that every time I view pics from your runs I get the urge to come out west. Not that I don't have great trails to frequent here on the east coast, but man those views are spectacular !

  2. What a climb...can't wait to hear the report...I have said this know I envy you quys sometimes because of all the great trails.

  3. Ummmm wha? You mean you have to run up that?! LOL JK! Looks fabulous *sigh*

    Also boobies on your banner?!? ;-) :P You think I would not catch that? HAHA

  4. Beautiful photos! Have fun at the race. My boyfriend and his friend will be running the 20k (we're trying to lure his friends into ultras :) ), so say 'hi' if you see them!

    I, unfortunately, will be at a job fair :(

    Hope you guys get great weather!

  5. Whoa - I'm getting all these Headlands flashbacks from your photos. We got real familiar with that Pirate's Cove climb, didn't we?

    Have a great race this weekend.

  6. Dude, you changed the blogroll setting, now I don't know who updated last! I am selfish:)
    Have fun this weekend, I am betting on your PR.

  7. Sounds awesome!! That climb looks rough though! I will be waiting for the report! :>)

  8. Looks like an absolutely fantastic place to run! Again, I am soooo jealous! Good luck, Rick, have a great race! Peace!

  9. Rick! A bunch of us will be out there to cheer you on while we are attempting shorter distances - Paul, Dian, Ashli, me, Chris and others! Yay! Good luck!

  10. Now THOSE are some hills! Good grief, that looks like some challenging, yet beautiful running. Great pictures, Rick. And good luck to you in your first ultra of the season! Enjoy, and I will look forward to reading your report.

  11. Now that looks fun...have a great race this weekend and thanks for the tips!

  12. You're going to finish your 50k before I finish my 30k. ;) See you there.

  13. Thank you:) You can run free of guilt now!

  14. Dude- psyched for Saturday!! Will probably miss you at the start since I believe you guys start before the 30k.

    Super cool of you to show the tri club the trails! They're all gonna fall in love with it and become ultrarunners next :)

  15. Thanks. I really needed to be reminded of the climbs ahead of me on Saturday. Make sure you say hi before we start-- I have a feeling you will be long gone by the time I get in!

    Are you doing ice baths every day or just after your long runs?

  16. lol ya looks like a nice way to start the season with those small hills :-)

    Kick ass Bro !

  17. What a marvelous view!

  18. Great pictures.

    Ice bathing after a long run- how often and for how long?

    Have a great race on the weekend.