Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

It's quiet out, kind of nice. I just got back from the sauna, from heat training. Despite the cold shower and the cool San Francisco air I can't stop sweating. The sauna in my regular gym was broken so I went to the next location, same distance from place but up a hill and in a large big time hotel. Nice facilities with two options on the heat; dry or steam. I went with what I knew which was steam and that room is set at a higher temperature setting with steam coming out in regular intervals. In my gym you have to hose down the thermometer to trick it into letting out more steam. Maybe it's time to transfer to this gym.

Anyway I am off for some July 4th celebrating myself. A bbq with close friends, the same triathlete crowd I've been powing around with - good people. Great athletes who don't take themselves too seriously. People who know know their wine and are great cooks to boot. Gotta love that.

Before I go one question. This weekend is my last hard training weekend before I start my taper. During my taper I'm planning on getting some work done on my left leg. It's incredibly tight and the IT is not doing as well as I want it to. I would rather spend the money on some new gear that I need but the last thing I want is to be in the middle of TRT 100 thinking I should have gotten the therapy done instead. I need someone to unlock those muscles in addition to the stretching and foam roller exercises that I've been doing. I've got two in mind, Graston or ART (Active Release Therapy). Any of you guys out there have any experience with one or both of these? Some input would be appreciated. Thanks.


  1. See Albert, he does both and he's REALLY good!

  2. Squirt =P4:23 AM

    thanks for sending me brooke's album =]
    and happy late 4th!
    haven't heard a word from mom, guess she's doing good and having a good time aha.

  3. I have only tried ART and had the greatest results. I know that works. Good luck and I will see you at TRT!

  4. I've got no advice for you homes. Sorry :-( But hope you have a most excellent 4th of July weekend :-)

  5. On Tuesday I'm seeing a new chiro who does ART and Graston. She says she finds a combo works best. My whole left side (quad, IT, hip, glutes, lower back) are tight. If she can help me I'll let you know what I think. I'm gearing up for some pain, but hopefully it will be good pain, iykwim. : )

  6. I had myofascial release done on my legs at physical therapy last year and I *think* that is similar to ART treatment. If it is then I say go for it. Very helpful, huh? I hope that whatever you pick is helpful...I bet it will be!!

  7. see what happens when you come in 3rd, hope this is a lesson learned to slow down for ur next 100 --haha

    Recover well hope it works out, now put down the holiday beers & food & get back to it !

  8. Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend, Rick! A BBQ with friends sounds like it was a great way to spend it. I am just getting ready to head over to some relatives for dinner this afternoon, so I am making the most of my weekend as well! :)

    Good luck with getting your IT band and leg muscles worked out!

  9. This blog entry is suspiciously girl-like: "I'd rather shop than do anything else."

    Do it. Get the ART. Your body will thank you for it.

    This message has been brought to you by the Department of Looking Out For Your Best Interest and SA (Shopaholics Anonymous).


  10. I'm back after my first appt with the Graston/ART therapist. If you go for one or the other I would try the Graston. She really worked my IT (among other areas) in that hurts so good kind of way.

  11. Hey guys, thanks for all the input. I've already made the appointment for ART and it is going to be painful but worth it...maybe I take some ibuprofens before I go eh.