Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still Recovering

Wow that run beat me up a little, 3:20 later I am back, sore and tired as hell. I guess even though my muscles recovered from that 50-miler my nervous system hasn't yet. I made the right decision shortening the run. What seemed like "slacking" was actually the correct action. This might seem like a no brainer to some, run a 50m don't expect to come back right away. Well it's possible, it's all relative of course so I should say it's possible with me. Initially I left the house with a lot of energy, in fact I had to slow it down. I crossed the Golden Gate bridge and did two hill repeats of Hawk Hill, a nice 20 minute climb for me. The hill ain't that steep and dodging tourists and cyclists is a huge plus - keeps me focused instead of drifting off. The climbs were good but the downhills weren't and on the second downhill heading home my energy was down for good. After that initial pop and good energy levels for about 2 hours it went slowly downhill from there. The last 6 miles from the bridge to my apartment was a bear, hard and slow. Overall it was a good workout, even though the last part was hard I made it home before I had to resort to walking. Perhaps another low mileage week for me this week.


  1. Ohh, the tired feeling...but you did great on repeats and the run! Good job, man, you are kicking so late in a year!

  2. Stupid questions, but ..Do you run across the GG bridge? Dodging all the tourist and bikes? What kind of clothing do you wear for a run like that? How many miles did you cover?

  3. One little peak in my running before the holiday break. Another month and a half and I'll be done with this season.

    Yes I do run across the bridge but you are on the pedestrian side with all the tourist, bikes are on the other side although it's not uncommon for tourists to ride their bike there also. Actually when I said I was dodging tourists and bikes I was referring to the hill on the left as you cross the bridge. That hill offers great views of the bridge and city so a lot of visitors will drive up there. Also cyclists like to use this hill for a workout, mountain bikers use it to get to the trails halfway up.